Puzzling Place

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Have your brain teased as you and your pooch explore the realms of possibility

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The Puzzling Place, for the price, is pretty good. And it's one of the few inside attractions where you can bring your pooch.

The attraction features the usual optical illusions, such as suddenly being the giant in a room next to your usually taller other half, and putting your hand to the left and finding it on the right. All these brain teasers have been seen before but they are always a great way to spend a hour or so. Especially as your dog can experience it too!

Pooches need to be kept on a lead at all times, and as it is inside, there are no bins (who wants their pooch going on carpet?!). It is not surprising that this is located in Keswick, purportedly the most dog friendly place in England. Well worth a visit, especially if raining!

Check the museum's website for seasonal opening hours.

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Have fun at the Puzzling Place, go for a walk at Derwentwater, then cap it off with some well-earned food at The Wild Strawberry.

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Puzzling Place