Nordico Lounge

Gold Award

A great place for people watching in the heart of Ormskirk's town centre

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As is standard for the Lounges group, Nordico is dog friendly - even so far as getting a sausage from the kitchen for our canine companion!

The menu is the usual burgers, tapas, mexican and sandwiches that you expect from this group, and all is done well.

Situated over two floors, the ground floor windows open up fully giving you a sense of being on the streets of Ormskirk - a fun place to people watch, especially on market days.

For kids and pooches alike, there are games and toys to enjoy. A canine water corner is available, as are treats.

Parking is the same throughout Ormskirk - hard to find. There are a few pay-to-stay car parks as well as restricted on-street parking. All can get full quickly at peak times.

Nordico keeps the Lounges ethos alive with its funky décor, with welcoming staff and great food. Well worth a visit.

Good to Know

Water bowls available
Treats available

Itineraries Featured In

Ruff Wood
Ormskirk Quarry Trail and Food

Traverse an old quarry before heading into the old market town of Ormskirk for some fantastic feel-good food at Nordico Lounge.

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Nordico Lounge