Crooklands Canal Walk

Silver Award

Part of Lancaster Canal, this beautiful walk takes in some stunning countryside


Just off junction 36 of the M6, you'll find the village of Crooklands, dominated by the Crooklands Hotel. Across the road from this hotel you'll find part of the Lancaster Canal. Heading north on the canal you can walk all the way to the end in a relatively manageable amount of time. Surrounded by countryside and wildlife for most of the walk, it is a great place to let the pooch off the lead and let out any energy.

Whilst there are a few bridges with roads over them to watch out for, and a few gates to fields to be cautious of, your pooch will love being able to explore and sniff all around.

The old towpath creates a great walking path, though remember in the colder and rainier months to bring sensible footwear as the paths can get muddy. If your pooch is into water, they'll love diving into the canal, but keep an eye out for barges, anglers and livestock (if they get out the wrong side they could meet some cows!).

There is a circular route which takes in the end of the canal, Hincaster Tunnel and then loops around to the hotel. That route can be found here.

Good to Know

Dog waste bins on site

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Crooklands Canal Walk