Blackpool Beach

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From the modern to the Victorian, Blackpool beach has it all


Blackpool beach can arguably be split into 3 or more beaches. You have North, Central, South and then those outside of these three. Each beach is dominated by its pier.

North Pier is a Grade II-listed pier opposite Blackpool Tower. It is like stepping back to the Victorian age with a Victorian Tea Room and a venetian two-tiered carousel. You'll find an ice-cream parlour, bars, penny Arcade and more here at North Pier. Dogs are allowed on the pier but not in any of the inside attractions/bars.

Central Pier has the 'big wheel' attraction. Striking from a distance and a great pier for the budding photographer to capture, Central Pier is also dog friendly, but again, no dogs inside any of the buildings.

South Pier, opposite Blackpool Pleasure Beach, is like a mini theme-park, with rollercoasters and rides available. Dogs are not allowed on this pier though.

South Beach was awarded the international Blue Flag accreditation, meaning it has to fulfill 4 criteria: water quality, environmental management, environmental education and safety. However, this accreditation and the hope for the others has meant there is a dog enforcement policy in place. Dogs are not permitted on Blackpool Beach from North Pier to the Mirror Ball just south of South Pier between 1st May and 30th September. Outside of these restricted zones, dogs are allowed on the beach all year round, but preferably on a lead (or if you have excellent recall with your dog).

The promenade next to the beach is massive and has recently undergone an extensive revamp. Dogs are allowed here all year round but must always be on a lead due to the proximity of the tram line (it runs along the promenade) and road. Dogs are allowed on the modern and vintage trams, though tickets may have to be bought for them to ride.

The walk from North to South Pier is just over 1.5 miles, and there is plenty of beach outside of this area to enjoy with your pooch and have a great walk. The promenade is worth a visit and you can always grab some takeaway fish and chips to enjoy.

Good to Know

Dog waste bins on site

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Blackpool Beach